Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gonna Be Hard to Beat the Heat

I've been transfixed by the NBA finals. It has a bit of everything: super duper stars (James, Wade, Durant, Westbrook), youth, energy and just incredible athleticism. Like 90% of America, I've been pulling hard for OKC. What's not to like about those guys; they love playing in a small market that adores them; they play hard and heads down. No drama - just hard nosed basketball.

Unfortunately for them, you will not be served this year. They've demonstrated that they aren't quite ready. Each game has been there for the taking and each time, they have fallen short. The media will pontificate as they are apt to do that their troubles relate to a player (Westbrook, mostly) or coaching, but bottom line is that they are losing to the better team.

I dislike LeBron but you have to give it to him - he's playing out of his mind as is the rest of his team (you can argue that's it's the unheralded guys on that team that are making the difference).

It often takes years before a championship is earned; look at Jordan, James, Garnett and others - and you learn something in the process. OKC will lick their wounds and come back stronger; that team is so young that they have dynasty potential written all over.

I hope they take one more game but regardless, it's been an exciting series all the same.

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care to bet on this? gs.( sent fri am)