Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ayes Have It

Well, that was one killer thread. Comments on that one really ranged the gamut from the crazy (hello Nick), to the sublime (Muddy Puddles), to highly logical (Gail and the dude who kind of started all this, Mr. Schultz) and everything in between.

So, I threw this decision out to the wisdom of the crowds and I am abiding by the judgement of the masses: and so, I'm in. The bottom line is that sometimes life throws you opportunity and it's not up to one to ask why, but to rather seize the moment. So, for this one I'll be running as a cancer survivor first, runner second. An I am pretty darn excited about that.

And point taken by my dad and Jeff: if I'm going to run, I am going to run hard. Truth is that was my intention all along and I suspect Coach Muddly Puddles, I mean Phil, would have it no other way. I only said that yesterday because my body is still pretty fatigued from Phoenix.

So, there you have it. Very cool of you all to weigh in with your comments; thank you much. It's greatly appreciated. I have said it before but I'll I'll say it again; I don't necessarily have the highest readership in the world for this blog (nor do I really care), but I have one great little community. And it's one that I greatly appreciate. So thank you again. I also want to thank the good folks at Livestrong, for both presenting the opportunity and also for twittering me words of encouragement.

And with that; Boston, here I come baby. At long last.


Crazymamaof6 said...

WHOOHOO! that is so exciting!

i was hoping you'd be quick about posting what you were going to do! that is AWESOME!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

so how much is this going to cost me?gs

Brian said...

Howard, I never would've run Chicago had I not gotten involved with the Alzheimer's Association.

I think it's admirable to run for the cause. Never feel guilty about your decision to race, and don't feel guilty about asking friends for help.

Use Pres. Obama's campaign as inspiration--small donations add up to big wins.

Let me know if Livestrong has an online donation site. Otherwise I'll mail you a check.

gailaj said...

Sorry to have missed this the other day - life and work have been busy, so I'm catching up on you....glad you decided to go, you deserve the chance. And to echo Brian, absolutely let us know how to contribute!