Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interesting New Website

Every so often I stiumble upon an exciting new website/technology that I feel is potentially gamechanging (as relates to the social web). I've just found one in Posterous. I created a personlized site that you can see here. I haven't fully got my arms around it but it's really interesting -- probably the most interesting site I've seen since discovering FriendFeed.

Anyway, I"m toying with the notion of moving my entire blog to this site, but will likely play around with it a bit more before making a final decision. At minimum, however, I will use it as a repository fro uploading video from this shiny new iPhone 3GS. That's right; you knew there was no doubt I was getting on one of those bad boys. I will save my iPhone commentary for a separate post, but suffice to to say, between the snappiness of the faster processor and the new video capabilities, coupled with the new 3.0 upgrade, I give it a resounding two thumbs up.

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wow. am i