Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Somewhat Active Day

So, this in a nutshell was my day:

-- woke up and ran the famous Dipsea, the second oldest trail race in the County. This was the 99th edition. I lollygahged it because I was using it as a training run (more on that later). To be honest, I felt lukewarm about it. Too many people, too much pushing, too much traffic. I hit the trails for the solitude of it all and this was a little too much for my taste. But whatever; it was fun. My time stunk but again, it was one of the rare races where I wasn't paying much attention. I kind of raced this one just to say I did it.

-- Immediately after the race, I ran 7 more hilly miles from Stinson Beach to Muir Woods. In certain respects, I think this was more fun. Tell you one thing: I was getting some pretty strange looks from folks driving home from the race. I could tell they were trying to figure out what the hell I was doing.

-- Got home, ate lunch closed my eyes for the better part of ten minutes and then took the little girl for a swim. Probably swam about a half mile and worked with the little Girl on her stroke (she took two 1st yesterday -- back and breast, and one 2nd --- free) and was having fun until the boy beckoned and pulled me to the......

-- Baseball field. Where I proceeded to throw him and chae after 100 balls, depsite the fact that I was growing increasingly sore with each passing minute.

-- After that I headed to Coach Phil's for a beer and now I'm about ready to go to pass out (but I have to watch the season premier of True Blood), as are both kids, both of whom had sleepovers last night (the first ever for the Girl). I think between the two of them they must have slept about five hours each.

Tell you one thing: we're going to sleep well tonight in the Solomon household.

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Nana said...

I walked down the stairs in our house to go to the pool to excercise and I am tired. How do you do it? Do you swallow a battery every morning to keep you going everyday? Enjoy the moment. Someday the knees won't work and you'll remember the good old days.