Friday, June 12, 2009


About 15 months ago I wrote a tribute to my good friend H. Brian Binder. Today I received a comment from his partner, David Craig, who's a great dude that I haven't seen in far too long. I also received another message from a friend of Brian. Hey David and hello Binder family if you are reading this. I am glad you tracked this down. It's moments -- and connections -- like this that keep this blog going.


I didn't do my "favorite' of the week. So, this week's question: favorite food of all-time? I have to say that all things considered, the pretzel wins, followed closely by the artichoke. A lame one, perhaps, but I am wiped out from this week's travels and that is the best my brain can come up with this evening.


Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome they tracked down your kind words about your friend.

Fave food of all time?
my mom's homemade mashed potatoes. with brown gravy. but they are so perfect, i'll eat them without.

fave summer food of all time? fresh corn on the cob boiled or grilled. with with lime , salt and chili powder.

that empty lot on the corner of Center and brown in Mesa, next to hohokam stadium(where the Cub's do spring training) is a corn field. comes on fresh Memorial day, and lasts through the 4th of July. HEAVENLY!

Brian said...

Favorite food?

OMG. Steak.

I'm mean seriously. I want to eat it with my mouth now.