Sunday, January 22, 2012

Congrats, Giants

I was really torn all week as to who to root for: the team representing my hometown, or the team representing my new hometown. At the end of the day I was probably slightly biased in favor of the Giants, but it would have been fun as hell these next two weeks if it was the 49ers playing in the Super Bowl. Mostly, I just wanted to see a well played football game and that's pretty much exactly what I got. So, congrats to the New York (New Jersey, really) Giants on a feel deserved victory. Beating the Packers and then Niners on the road; that's big.  And I think Eli finally deserves acclaim as a top tier QB.

In regards to the Super Bowl, well there's no question; Giants all the way. Despite my affinity for Tom Brady, a real Michigan man, I'll never root for a Boston team.


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