Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hip Update

I haven't complained too too much on these here pages, but those of you who know me know my hip has been bothering me pretty bad these past few months. So, I had a MRI about a month ago and today took them to a sports orthopedist that was recommended to me by Coach Phil. She wants me to get a series of X-rays to go along with the MRI, but so far she's seeing:

- a fair amount of scar tissue from a previous torn labrum that I must have ran through (word!)
- what appears to be a cyst in my hip joint. Let's hope it is a cyst, anyway
- the kicker: what appears to be signs of early arthritis. ARTHRITIS!

The net net? I am officially old. I've kept my running dialed down (though I am running a half marathon relay with the little boy this weekend) and will probably continue to do so until I get this thing in better working order, but one thing I can say for sure - I ain't done running yet.

No way, no how.


Anonymous said...

Arthritis? Wake up call for us boys.....make sure you heal bro


Nana said...

Went to see the Spine Dr. and I had to be injected in the nerve line of the 2345 disc. When he got to the fifth disc I saw stars with a pain running down my left leg to my toes. Well it has been four days and most of the pain is gone . It should take about 3 weeks to work. I too have arthritis and it does come with age. Take care of your body.