Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scottsdale, Arizona

We had a very nice time in Scottsdale. We did the race on Sunday, which you've probably read about. Yesterday we woke up, had a great breakfast and then headed to Camelback, which is a famous mountain (mountain? rock formation? Not sure exactly how to categorize it, exactly). It was a terrific though at times technical climb. Funny, these words coming from my fingers, but my kids have been hiking since they were three (the girl, anyway) and it really showed; they scrambled up this thing like it was nothing. A pretty impressive sight, if I do say so myself - not a lot of kids could do this particular one.

Once we were done, we hung out poolside (note: if you are looking for a very nice little hotel in the Scottsdale area, the recently-renovated Saguaro gets two thumbs up from us - it was a great 50 yard pool and one of the best hotel gyms I've ever seen) and then left for the airport.

I always enjoy visiting Scottsdale. I like it just find, but not quite as much as the wife. She is crazy about it and can see herself living there. I need to be closer to the water and there's too many old people for my taste (respect, old people). Reminds me a bit of when I used to visit Miami Beach as a kid, and the average age seemed to hover somewhere around 85.

Nevertheless, a very nice area all the same.


Anonymous said...

nice orange sneakers you have. get them in the castro section of s.f.?gs

Crazymamaof6 said...

The wife has never been to the A.Z. in the middle of august has she? Bring her and she'll never want to live here again. Although the old people are gone then too. Bonus.

It's technically a mountain. At least that's what they call it here.

Kudos on the rock and roll marathon and the hike, sounds like a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

As I read this post and saw the photo, I could hardly wait to get to the comments to see what Mr. S. had to say about those wacky shoes. As predicted, he did not disappoint.