Sunday, January 15, 2012

Phoenix Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Greetings from Arizona. We came here for the long weekend (given how much I fly Southwest, flights to Southwest destinations don't cost us a thing). As par of our trip, the Little Boy signed up for the half marathon really. He was going to run the first 6.2 miles and I was going to run the rest. That was the plan, anyway. But I felt strange leaving him along among the tens of thousands of runners this am, so I called a last minute audible and ran the entire thing with him. That ordinarily wouldn't be a big deal except that I haven't run more than 5 miles over the past three months. Literally. At best, I've been running twice a week.

Anyway, the Little Dude did well; we hit 10k in 55 minutes. He started to suffer bit during miles 5 and 6. Despite my hip killing me, I soldiered on and somehow even managed to pick up the pace at mile 8, once my hip opened up a bit. Managed to do 8-11 at around 7:40 pace, which really stoked me. We finished in 1:52, which I'm pretty darn happy with all things considered. This was my first true test of CrossFit and there's no question that it's helping immensely. I wasn't even that cooked at the end though it would have been another story had I ran another rile or two.

But anyway, it was great fun. I love running with that Kid and I think vice versa. For sure, he was getting a lot of attention - he had to have been the youngest kid in the race.

So, all good. Will post a few pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Congrats z. Awesome


Anonymous said...

z. you da

Crazymamaof6 said...

That is awesome! Way to go little dude!