Thursday, January 19, 2012

Michigan Basketball

I listened to the Michigan-Michigan State game the other night while driving down to Palo Alto for a business dinner. The game was so crazy exciting that when I got home late at night, I watched the second half in its near entirety.

This Michigan team is imperfect - they run hot and cold and are a little too dependent on three point shooting for my taste - but they are a fun group to watch and very likeable. In fact, I think they just might be the most likeable Michigan basketball team I've watched since the Fab Five days (say what you will about that team and that era - and I know history isn't treating them particularly well - but they were as charismatic as hell).

The kid to watch though is this freshman, Trey Burke. He's about as exciting a player as I've seen in the NCAA this season and his upside potential is just scary. The Little Boy and I just love watching him play. I hope he sticks around - if so and based on our recruiting class that's coming in next year, I think we have some very good years ahead of us.

Go Blue!

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