Friday, January 20, 2012

Hip Update Number 3,456

So looks like I finally got a firm diagnosis on what ails my hip. Apparently, I have two things going on: the first of which is this, which apparently is along the lines of what Alex Rodriguez had last year (note: what's the big difference between Arod and  I? About 225 million dollars - and I play through pain). According to my doc, it isn't enormously uncommon.

The second thing is a bit weird. Apparently I have a fairly large sized cyst in my pelvic wall. I'm goign to check this out with my cancer doc to make sure all is cool, but by all accounts it's a cyst that probably formed as a result of both the above and the fact that i definitely had a previous torn labrum.

I don't know - too much for me to get my head around. The next step is to see a rehab person who specializes in hips.

More information forthcoming as I know it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck my man! Thanks for keeping us posted.


Hope said...

Welcome to FAI diagnosis club! And I hope the cyst is NOTHING!