Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bands that I Don't Get/Annoy the Crap out of Me

In no particular order, bands that either annoy the living crap out of me - or ones that I simply do not understand, include:

-- Vampire Weekend (maybe the top offender. I hear them on the radio and want to jump out the window. Every. single. time.)

-- Pavement (what am I not getting here? Folks who I deeply respect, including guy RTP boys love them but I have yet to see the light)

-- Andrew Bird (what's all the fuss?)

-- Bjork (sounds to me like cats having sex)

-- Grizzly Bear and all of his associates (anything Pitchfork likes that much has got to be wrong) except Ariel Pink (who's awesome)

-- The Strokes (over-rated!!!)

-- Belle and Sebastian (For real?)

-- Peter Bjorn and John (See Belle and Sebastian)

Any others out there I am missing? RTP boys?

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