Friday, April 27, 2012


Sorry so quiet this week. Was in New York running around like a chicken with its head cut off. New York is getting complicated for me; it's always home and I still know that City like the back of my head, but everything about it is frustrating when I travel for business: the travel (took me seven hours to get home last night), the jet lag, the running around, etc etc. It sure isn't as "easy" as my regular back and forth travel to LA.

I will say though that there is no question - there's no City quite like it. I was coming home form dinner at around 10 pm and the pace and pulse was greater than that of nearly any other city during peak hours.

New York, New York.

(Also - apologies for those i didn't see -once again, work kept me pretty locked down).

(Also - I stayed in the worst hotel ever. I am not a travel primma donna but this place was beyond unexceptional. Debating as to whether I should call them out in a separate post)

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Anonymous said...

it's back of your hand (not head). you have no idea what'S going on in the back of your head. gs