Monday, April 23, 2012

The Yankee Captain

We're less than a month into baseball, but I have to say that thus far, I am really enjoying this season. We have all sorts of intrigue, already: the Rangers are playing well, even without their ace, CJ Wilson. The Nationals are starting to deliver on their promise and are often to great start, anchored by Stephen Strasberg. The Dodgers, led by arguably my favorite player of all time, Don Mattingly, are also off to a great start and Matt Kemp is earning that big contract he got this off season.

But my favorite storyline of the year? Derek Jeter. The Yankee Captain. the same Derek Jeter who people were writing off a good portion of last year. The 37 year old captain is off to arguably his best start ever. He's hitting .417, has three homers already and is in the midst of a 14 game hitting streak. Oh, and he passed Dave Winfield in the all-times hit department to move to number 18, overall.

The dude is unreal. It would be a dream come true if he won the one thing that's eluded him in his illustrious career: MVP.

If anyone could pull this off at age 37 though, it's the Captain. The guy is such a role model for kids (and adults too in a sense) that it's indescribable. Maybe not the great athlete of our generation, but certainly the greatest athlete role model. It's like to know who compares.

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