Saturday, April 28, 2012

Car Accident

Unreal. Was driving to the Boy's baseball game this afternoon, not bothering a soul, talking to my father - and this young girl, barely 20 plows into my car from behind. Unfreakingreal. I literally saw this coming, too. I saw her in my rearview mirror and I knew she was going to hit me - she was flying down the hill.  She gets out of the car, crying. Her parents come to pick her up, more crying, the whole thing.

My car doesn't look "that" bad but I suspect it's all under the carriage and worse than it seems. Her car was utterly totaled. It was incredible, the relative damage between the the two cars - hers looked like it was in a much worse accident. I'll post pictures later.

I guess the only thing you can say in a situation like this is thankfully, no one was hurt. So I got that going for me, I guess.


Anonymous said...

sorry for your misfortune. was she at least pretty? gs

Michael said...

Wow, starting to think that car is cursed.