Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Football Season Is Upon Us

We are a day away from September which means only one thing - football season! I could not be more stoked. Our season kicks off on Saturday night against defending national champion Alabama. I'm not anticipating a great outcome on that one - I don't think we are quite in their league yet (though I think that under the leadership of Coach Hoke, we will get there in time). That said, I am very excited about our prospects this year, especially now that we have a year of Coach Hoke's new system under our belt.

I'm also excited about Denard Robinson's senior season. He's been a fantastic Wolverine - you could argue that he's an all-time great - and I suspect he will give us another great year. One prediction: I expect that he will show significant improvement in his passing game and will cut back interceptions significantly.

Anyway: Saturday night could not come soon enough. Hope springs eternal for this Wolverine.

Go Blue!


Anonymous said...

Go blue!


Anonymous said...

watched a little of u.mass vs uconn game yesterday. michigan plays u.mass soon. oy

Anonymous said...

watched the alabama game. look out michigan, u mass is