Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've been watching non-stop Olympics. I can't get enough. One thing that I do wish is that NBC would broadcast some of the more "obscure" sports such as rowing, weightlifting and more. I have to say that I'm slightly tiring of beach volleyball (except the female bikini part of course) and gymnastics. I can't get enough of track and field and diving though. Track and field is my favorite sport, followed closely by swimming. Looks like Usain Bolt is going to be the star of this Olympics too, which is fine by me. I love hoe he rises to the occasion and he's hilarious. As well, he's a great sportsman and I loved how he stopped an interview so he could pay respect to the American 400 meter winner during her medal ceremony. That was super classy.

I thought the men's 10,000 meters was epic and was stoked to see Galen Rupp take silver. I'm equally for the distance races and would really like to see America do well, particularly in the marathon (go Meb - Go Ryan) and 1,500.

Lastly, I'm stoked for triathlon on Saturday. Look for a 1-2 finish by the British Brownlee brothers.

And speaking of the British, I think they are doing an amazing job both from a host-nation and competitive standpoint. Sebastian Coe is the man.

Last point: I will be super bummed in a week. I wish they lasted a month.

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