Monday, August 27, 2012

Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid Cancer, Part IV

I just this morning realized that our annual Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid cancer annual event is upon us. That is, if anyone is interested. You guys should know the drill by now - it's pretty simple. Everyone does something physically active (run, swim, walk, hike, bike, tennis, etc) on the designated date. You send me a picture. I post it. In the end I make a donation on our collective behalf.

That's it.

I'm thinking that the weekend after next might make most sense, as that is the date my boy Dave M and I are swimming an open water 5k in Chicago. I'm also doing a 5k run the day following.

September 8th and 9th would be the dates. Requesting a roll call on this; who's in??

And remember: any activity counts and the entire family is encouraged to participate.


Anonymous said...

I'm as, as per usual, and I'm excited.

Anonymous said...

does sex count? if so i'm out. gs

Anonymous said...

I will be running the September 11th 50K on that Sunday. I'm in!


Anonymous said...

I'm in


njs said...

I'm in.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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