Friday, August 10, 2012

More Olympics

Two more days to go and it's all over. Not sure what I'm going to do with myself.

Three highlight from yesterday included:

1. Men's 200. What can you say about Usain Bolt, really? The dude is the best and I love him. He's arrogant though without being a jerk, he talks the talk but then walks the walk and most importantly - he is hilarious. There was a point during yesterday's 200, at about the 3/4 mark, where his teammate - who's also unreal - pulls close to him. Bolt gives a sideways glance - and then hits the afterburner. Dude is a straight up champion.

2. David Rudisha crushing - annihilating the field - en route to a world record time in the men's 800. Rudisha might have been pound for pound the most unbeatable distance racer in the Olympics. Dude split 49 and 51. That is almost incomprehensible.

3. The women's 10k swim. This is one of those obscure races that stokes me so greatly. 6.2 mile swim! How gnarly is that? The American and Hungarian ladies absolutely duked it out, with the Hungarian winningmy less than a half second. Can you imagine swimming for 6 mile and nearly two hours - to lose it by .4 second? Crazy-town and the last 300 meters was as exciting as anything I have ever seen.

Man oh man - they should really have the Olympics every year.

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Anonymous said...

just watched that 1500 and it was pretty hot. How did that guy sprint past those bros? what was his final lap split, I mean really?