Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Men's 1,500 meter

If you haven't seen the men's 1,500 meter final, go find that on YouTube and give it the 3:32 out of your day that it deserves. Keep a particular eye on American and silver medalist, Leo Marzano. Pay particular attention to the 100 meter to go point and watch him make his move. THAT'S RACING. Wow - what a masterful race and what a kick. I've watched that one about ten times and can't get enough. I also can't wait to show it to my kids (in fact, I wrote a letter to the Little Boy early this am describing it in detail). That race defines the notion of racing. Man, do I ever love when the American's do well in the distance events and between Marzano and Galen Rupp we are looking good. A medal in the men's marathon would be a real silver lining.

My rant of the day? I can't believe I had to wait until midnight last night to see that freaking race. Had to wade through SO much gymnastics, beach volleyball and more. No offense to any beach volleyball or gymnastic fans, but man oh man. And meanwhile, cool but obscure sports like weightlifting, rowing and triathlon get ZERO love whatsoever. Kind of does not stoke me but I'm happy that I can at least webstream other events.

I'm really not sure what I am going to do with myself once these Olympics are over. I simply can't get enough.

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Anonymous said...

I have been watching Leo thru the prelims. His kick is unbelievable and he seems to be able to source energy from thin air. All I can think of when I see him run is "Pre". Before the finals, I said to Liza, "Watch this guy, Leo run. He could win this." So psyched for him.