Sunday, August 26, 2012

Headed Home

Been gone a long while from these here page; was in Lake George for a week and then in New Jersey for several days. Typing this at Newark Airport where my Summer has come to a official end. Today is about getting back to work both figuratively and literally. It's time too, despite the fact that I had a really great time in every respect.

New Jersey was great - saw all of the family as well as two of my very good friends from high school which was a real treat. I'm hoping my boy Geremy revisits this site from time to time. What up Ger?

What else? Went to a Mets game at Citifield (very impressive - the stadium that is), went to Crossfit a few times (it's fun visiting other gyms), got a new camera (thanks Scott), and got a million mosquito bites (didn't miss you at all, Mosquitos).

I've got a lot more posts in the queue, including one on Lance Armstrong.  Will try to knock those put this week and might even unveil the new site, too.

Until then, big thanks to both sets of grandparent - Nana, Papa, Papa Gerry and Nana Ida - for the hospitality.

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best couple of days of my