Friday, August 31, 2012

Four More Posts

Four more posts until this site is officially retired. I must say, that 2,000 posts is definitely a lot. I never expected to get to that number when I started this thing. Progress is being made on the new one, but I am running into URL issues (the URL I really want is taken). Anyway, will come up with some sort of fix and will hopefully debut the new one come Monday or so.

I am t minutes 8 days and counting to my 5k open water swim in Chicago with my boy Dave (and probably 500 other people). I'm not enormously nervous, but I'm not feeling exactly ready either. I've really managed to pick up my swimming these past few weeks, but haven't done anything longer than an hour. I'm hoping that all the CrossFit pays off and that my shoulders are able to hold up. Will be interesting, that is for sure.

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Anonymous said...

good luck to you and Dave on the swim!