Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Day Without Talking

Save for two brief conversations with the Wife, I didn't talk today. Allow me to explain why.

With the Wife and Kids on the East Coast, today was my first day of peace and solitude; a day where I could do anything I wanted. And so I did. Here's what I did:

-- woke up at 9 am (!) after staying out late last night and waking p a tad bit, uhh, under the weather. Aaw a Grateful Dead cover band and the opening band featured two children of Phil Lesh of the Dead. I turned around just after the band started (for two college kids, they were awesome) and standing next to me was Phil Lesh and Bobby Weir, who apparently came to the venue to check them out. I thought that was super cool. Only in NorCal.

-- Went to the Dispea for breakfast with the New York Times.

-- Went for a five mile run

-- Went food shopping at Whole Foods and bought a ton of stuff, none of which I probably needed.

-- After lunch, went to Muir Beach and hung out and read more of the Times

-- Came home and took a nap

-- Woke up, went to the surf shop to check out paddleboards, got my car washed and went to the bookstore

-- Cooked a mean steak dinner

-- Blogging, then Entourage, then True Blood, then bed.

Again, aside from talking to the Wife, I didn't utter one word. Despite that, I think it might have been the perfect day. If anyone can one up that, I am all ears.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! sounds blissful all that silence and solitude.

but are you sure you didn't talk to ANYONE? what about ordering? or paying at Whole foods. didn't you talk to the cashier? what about the surf shop? nobody there?


i could seriously use some solitude.
therefore i'm totally jealous!
have a great week!