Thursday, August 20, 2009


My boy Diamond Bill asked for a review for HBO's new show Hung and he's right; I am far overdue with this one, especially since it's pretty much the only new show on TV these days.

So, I want to like this show. I've watched every episode thus far. Conceptually, I love the premise. And I think that it does have some degree of promise. But thus far it has kind of sucked. I'm waiting for something cool to happen and it never does. Simply put, it has not yet taken off -- and I recognize that this sometimes takes time (see: True Blood) but we're at the point now where it better happen soon. The other problem is that the characters lack dimension and really aren't that interesting. All that being said, I am holding out hope that it starts to come together.

Anyone have a different take on it?


Thanks for the feedback re: the new blog. And thank you in particular Finkel for pointing out those other gadget sites. Amazing that I am in PR and didn't know they existed. Engadget in particular looks interesting; I will have to check that one out (for the record: I am being sarcastic).

Anyway, the new site is underway. I will take the lid off it soon; it just needs a tad more content. Yeah, other sites cover gadgets. I'm not looking to turn it into an enterprise. It's simply my take on cool things tech-related. And Todd, you are absolutely correct: if people want to give me free stuff, they are absolutely welcomed to do so!!!


Anonymous said...

Howard, another good name for your new site might be


michael said...

Completely agreed re: Hung. Going to keep watching for the rest of the season, but unless there's a significant uptick in HBOness, I'm done after that.