Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap of My Weekend

My brother emailed me earlier today asking how I was holding up as a bachelor. My response is below. I miss the Wife and Kids -- I really, really do -- but let me pose this question: any of you (particularly you married folks) have a weekend that could match up with the following?

I present to you, my weekend. One thing missing here btw -- the weather was a consistent 74 degrees all the way through.

What have I been doing? Here was my day on Saturday:

 Woke up at 9

 Breakfast at Starbucks; NY Times

 2 hour bike ride finished at pool and swam for 45 minutes

 Nap

 Yankee Game

 Dinner at Sol Food (great Puerto Rican place)

 Went to see The Hurt Locker

 Had 2 beers; called it a night

And here was my Sunday:

 Woke up at 9

 Breakfast

 10 mile Run

 Lunch at Fish

 Nap

 2.5 hours at Muir Beach where I read my book; hung out in nude beach area amidst a sea of Penis’ but three very hot chicks as well (note: I was clothed)

 Dinner at Phil’s

 True Blood/Hung/Entourage

 Sleep

A rough life, I know, but someone has to do it.

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