Monday, August 3, 2009


I'm tired and have a super long day tomorrow, so a relatively short and random post. Tonight I am going to give out some arbitrary grades, all of which are apropos of nothing. Here goes:

-- My New York Yankees. Gotta give them an A- thus far, this weekend's debacle in Chicago notwithstanding. The Yanks are looking pretty good on all front; the offense is formidable, the pitchers are doing just fine, Phil Hughes iis playing a key role in middle relief and Mariano is Mariano. September/October has the potential to be interesting.

-- Season Four of Weeds: B-. I just wrapped this one up tonight. Still quite an enjoyable show but it's getting a tad bit tired. Will be interesting to see what next season brings. Could be make or break for Ms. Botwin and company. And speaking of tired....

-- Entourage. C+. I dunno; it's still entertaining as hell and makes my Sunday nights, but three episodes in and it's not doing much for me. The characters play a tad bit too close to form. I will say this though: it's way better to see Vince on the ascent versus decline. Also, E is starting to get on my nerves, though I can't put a handle as to precisely why.

-- My biking skills: C-. Hope to get this grade back up to at least a B by end of the Season.

-- True Blood: A. Things are now starting to get "really" interesting (and weird). It took nearly a season and a half, but now we have some richly developed characters and a weirdly interesting storyline. I think it will on;y get better, to. HBO definitely has a hit on its hands.

FLorence and the Machine: A-. I had never even heard of this band until recently but holy cow is this listenable. Not even sure if they are on itunes but if they are, purchase the song "Howl" for starters. Guarantee you will buy the album shortly thereafter.

Hung: Inc.. This new HBO show shows promise, but has yet to deliver on it. Typically new HBO shows need a season to get moving (see; True Blood) so I will hold off on judgement for the time being, but it really needs to get moving soon.

Anyway, that's that for tonight. Over and out.

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