Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pop Quiz

Ok, here is question for you all. If you could drop what you are doing and have your dream job, practically speaking, what would it be? Not necessarily looking for "professional triathlete" or "billygoat farmer" (I'm talking to you Payro). I'm asking in semi-realistic terms.

I think I'd take my skillset, which is in the communications realm and apply it within the world of cancer. Not at all lobbying for a job here, but I think my answer might be head of communications for Livestrong. Interesting, too: a few years ago I most certainly would have said something pertaining to financial rewards, i.e. investment baking, hedge funds, venture capital. If I have learned anything these past few years, though, it's that money is nice, but it is far from everything in this world.

Anyway, enough of me; let's hear yours.


Anonymous said...

stand up comedian for me. well, at my age maybe sit down

Brian said...

Late-night talk show host. Obvs.

Jennifer said...

sustainable/organic chef/instructor.

Megan C. said...

Underwater photographer/videographer!

quirken said...

investment baking. notably lower salaries than investment bankers are taking in, those that are employed that is.

quirken said...

Taking into account my skill set, I would go with professional touring musician as my dream job. otherwise, I really really love my current job. Just wish I had more creative or intelligent clientele.

quirken said...

oh crap, I think I would also love to be a pro poker player as well. that would be pretty tight.

neil s. said...

Travel writer. Basically the gig Anthony Bourdain has.

payro said...

Hmm, dream job, and billygoat farmer is not one of the choices? I think it would be developing/marketing distributed clean energy - like residential scale energy generation, that is not only cleaner, but cost effective and reduces need to expand our energy grid. And not just solar panels.

But I would only work part-time - the rest of the time I'd be running trails and raising billygoats.

Secondary choice - there are many secondary choices - working on a program to get kids/people more active/healthy, working with idea people on commercializing clean technology ideas, train conductor, being the best darn shoe shine guy in the tri-state area.

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