Friday, November 30, 2007

New Books

I bought two new books this week: The Boys of Everest and No Shortcuts to the Top by Ed Viesturs, who is one of my heroes.

I'm not exactly sure as to why, but I am very much drawn to climbing books. I have great respect for climbers, but due in part to my struggles with high altitude, it's not something that is terribly high on my "to do" list. That said, some of my favorite books of all-time, are about climbing. Maybe it's the sense of adventure and/or the great outdoors, maybe it's the story(s) of man's indominatable spirit, which is the leitmotif of most climbing tales, or maybe it's just that they are simply interesting, but give me the heads up about a good climbing book and I am in. I also am an avid reader of business tomes (though I find most to be pedantic and unoriginal) but I have to say that in certain respects, I've learned more about business from climbing-related books.

Anyway, I plan to start first with the Viesturs book and will post a review by end of week.

In other news, I put that Motorola Q through the paces these past few days and boy, do I remain impressed. It's pretty close to mobile phone perfection, though the jury is still slightly out on the GPS features. Man, am I a tech dork or what?

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nicholas said...


have you read into thin air by jon krakauer? great climbing book that documents the 1996 climbing season on everest. I went everest crazy last year after watching the show "Everest: Beyond the Limit" on the discovery channel. I am sure you watch this already, but for those who don't check it out.

Also, Sebastian Junger (a great writer for magazines like Outside and Adventure and also a novelist who wrote "the Perfect Storm") has written some great pieces about climbing and running as well.

here is a link to an article I read by him recently.

i will be curious to hear about the viesturs book.