Thursday, November 1, 2007

Survey Time

Greetings from hot and humid Dallas. Is it never hot and humid in this town? Anyway, I'm here for a quick business trip and am typing this from the iPhone so it is going to be a short post today. Here is the big question on everyone's mind: should I keep the name of this site or change it to something else. I will let you, my adoring public, decide. And on yeah - I am very open to suggestions.

So - what do you say?


greedo said...

I think it's a kickass name.

Other names that would apply:

"The Ruminator"
"Jack Of All Tirades"
"The Book of Solomon"
"Solomon Sez"
"Blue Steel"

nicholas said...


I am a fan of changing it. It's all about the evolution, baby. I think that is a blog about your life that occasionally touches on one aspect of your life: cancer.

Greedo nailed the new name. No question at all: Soloman Sez.

That is hot as hell!

Crazymamaof6 said...

change it if you want to.
your friend Greedo had some great options. google them and see what is taken, if any and pick something original . then all then google glory is your own! my real name gets nothing ,but crazymamaof6 is huge on google!!

michael said...

what about "my main boy this blog" ???

df said...

"2-dimensional man"
"There you go!"
"100lbs. soaking wet"
"No, I'm not Crispin Glover"