Saturday, August 11, 2007

Epic Training Weekend - Day 2 Recap

Wowza. That was a tough one. In the world of triathlon, "brick" training workouts (bike, followed immediately by run) are regarded as a necessary evil, but in the 11 years that I've been in this sport, and with all the crazy training I have done over the years, today's double brick (bike run bike run) marks a first. And of course, wouldn't you know that on top of it, today also happened to be our hottest day of the summer. Summer in San Francisco is straight up bizarre relative to where I come from, (NYC and Chicago, where Summer's are hot and muggy) and is normally one of our three worst months of the year, average temperature wise. This season, however, has been unseasonably warm and it was upwards of 80 most of the day which didn't make for a lot of fun, especially while out on the run.

All of that said, overall, I felt really strong for most of the day (with the exception of the last mile of the run, in which I got bitten once again by a damn bee. This is my second weekend of getting bitten -- two weeks ago I got three bee bites on my chest while mountain biking). Without doubt, this is the best shape I have been in since moving to the Bay Area, and I am cautiously optimistic that I'm going to be good to go for the Big Kahauna, aka Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid Cancer, which is in less than one month.

Anyway, the highlight of the day wasn't even remotely the trainig, but rather getting to hang out with my good buddy Jeff. The nice thing about training this hard is you get to eat to your hearts content, which is exactly what we did, and we ended the evening with a superb 2000 Napa Cab. I am far from a oenephile, but I'm learning that there is nothing quite like a big bold Napa cabernet.

Tomorrow we're going to do a 2 mile masters swim, followed by hour trail run.

I suspect an afternoon nap is going to be in order at some point as well.

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