Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bachelor Status Update 1

I am sure many of you are pining to hear my tales of bachlerhood debauchery, now that I have been solo for five days. Here's just a sampling of the insanity that's occurred in Marin County, CA the past few days:

-- I blogged three times
-- had a beer with dinner tonight
-- slept to 7:02 today (!)

And that, my friends, is about the extent of the excitement in my life. Don't think much will change over the next three weeks, either. That said, I do expect to get in some pretty serious training in anticipation of the big race, which is slowly creeping up. Highlight this weekend is the Marin Century Ride, which covers some of the most beautiful terrain in the area. I will try to take pictures for my Sunday Pictorial. I'm only doing the metric century -- 62 miles --though the climbing promises to be pretty nasty. I have a feeling this one is going to feel like a 100.

On a different note, one of my closest friends in the world came in tonight from Detroit with his family and it's great to have kids back in the house. He and I just watched the last episode of Entourage and agree that while it might not be the single funniest episode ever, it's definitely up there.

Great new album that I recommend strongly to you music fans: New Young Pony Club (titled "Fantastic Playground"). I hadn't previously heard of them but they are kind of techno meets 80's new wave, and it's one fo the better and more interesting albums I have heard of late. The new St. Vincent ("Marry Me"), which is getting accolades in the music press, it aso highly recommended.

I was emailing with my father yesterday and he was telling me what it was like to have four hyperactive grandkids in the house at one time. It was pretty funny so I told him to take notes this weekend (it will be the rare occasion when all five grandkids should be together in one room/house) and write a recap for Monday, so stay tuned. Should be pretty interesting.

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