Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Musings

One more reminder that we are t-minus 2.5 weeks to the Inaugural Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid Cancer. As a reminder: this is a "virtual" race that you can do from the comfort of your own home. The "groundrules" are simple: run as many miles as possible, and I will be making a single donation to ThyCa in our collective names based on the aggregate mileage. Pretty easy, right? Ok, one more time: please leave a roll call as to how many miles you intend to go. I am hoping for 500 in the collective.

Today was the Annual Swim to The Lake, as noted in my previous post. It's about a 1.2 mile swim from the dock to an Island in the middle of Lake George. Took about 35 minutes or so of swimming time, and once we landed on the Island we had a little breakfast, followed by a treasure hunt for the little man (he had to collect a white stone, pine comb, round rock, and an acorn). Afterwards, we kayaked back home. This is one of my favorite "events" of the Summer and is quickly becoming our own little annual event.

Watched Entourage last night; I thought it was a great episode: one of the two three of this season. Watched my new favorite show of the Summer, too: The Pickup Artist, which is on Monday's nights at 9:00 on VH1. It repeats several times per week and is highly recommended. Not quite on the same level as Rock Star Supernova, but awfully close.

Lastly, I saw SuperBad the other night. I thought it was going to be as funny, if not more so, than Knocked Up, but alas, it wasn't. I'd give it a solid 6 or 7 as it was fairly entertaining, but I expected it to be much funnier.


michael said...

kara and i are in for 18 miles a piece, but will be biking instead of running. that's allowed right?

i would also encourage everyone to take a few pictures of their respective runs/bikes so howard can post them after the fact.

re: entourage, i'm getting a bit bored with this show. i don't know if it's because flight of the conchords is on immediately afterward and is so much freaking better or what, but something's gotta give. i want more ari and drama and less anna ferris' collagen lips.

anyone else here watching mad men on A&E? this show is quickly turning into one of my faves -- gets better every week.

Nicole (JT's daughter) said...

If biking is allowed, then I am down for 15 miles. I'm not much of a runner...so I hope biking is legit.

michael said...

what is the exact date of this shindig anyway? got to get my training schedule in place, and by training I mean not drinking heavily the night before...

nicholas said...

Biking? Wow, you should really only get credit for one running mile for every three miles biked. Keep in mind, I am not the official arbiter here, just an opiner. I am in for 10 (running miles) on September 8. I am race directing a 5K that morning but will have plenty of time to get in my long run that afternoon.


Payro said...

Mr. Nut, given my foot is STILL not healed for a good run, I'm in for 100 miles on the bike. I think the common conversion is 4:1, bike miles to run miles, so I'm down for 25 equivalent run miles.

I'm doing a century ride this weekend with a friend here. Should be hilly but not too steep. Good training for your day of pain.

Big hellos to the family, especially el kiddos from Uncle Big Guy.

greedo said...

I'm running while on vacation in Vegas with my sister-in-law. 10 miles running up and down the strip.

Pics of us getting flyered and propositioned by "locals" guaranteed.

hope said...

i'm in for the 13 miles along side you in santa cruz! :) well with all of your epic training weekend adventures... i suppose i won't actually be along side you but somewhere back behind you! :)