Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Old Man Speaks: Weekend Recap with the Grandkids

This past weekend was one of the rare occasions in which all five Solomon grandkids were together under one roof. In this instance, the roof was my parents house in New Jersey. I thought it would make good blog fodder, so asked my father to write a recap from his own, unique perspective.

Per usual, I haven't made any edits. All typos, non-sequiturs, dangling participles, and grammatical mistakes belong to the author. All part of his charm, however. So, without further ado, I bring you:

GUESS WHO CAME TO DINNER (and stayed for breakfast and lunch)

Came home after work thurs. to the sight of the flying west coast Solomon kids(Zevan and Summer). They were jumping from chair to sofa to whatever without touching the ground. They are each so light they really seemed to hang in the air;something like Air Jordan in white.They are huggers and clingers which is just what this grandpa needs.

Next day uncle Scott and I take off from work to provide the entertainment.Scott arrives with his 2 terrorists (Ben and Lila). When Ben and Zevan met it was instant happiness/bedlam.One is the architect and the other the engineer of mayhem but I cannot figure which is which.

The girls started out a little more tentative;Lila being a small volcano ready to erupt at the slightest provocation and Summer , who surely gets in her licks when deemed necessary

The pleasure dome in the hot weather was the pool.Both girls discovered the diving board (in this case jumping board) and found a new lifeThe boys were fish-like.

Scott really stepped up to the occasion.Bowling (ben took 1st. place) and a batting cage where Z displayed a very good swing. Remember, the bat is about as wide as he is and almost as heavy.Z is into baseball. He and I watched the Yankee game where each team scored 8 runs in one inning. The next am he found a rebroadcast but didn,t realize it so he shouts to me "they are doing it again"

Sleepovers abounded. Z slept anywhere he was invited. Summer tried our house but changed her mind and had April pick her up. She said our house was nice but aunt Jills was better. I had to agree.She did sleepover in Lila's house though.

Sat. brings grandkid #5; the irresistible Josie and uncle Neil and aunt Julie. Josie calls her father uncle Neilly because that's what the cousins call him.Now we are in full swing.Five Solomon kids in same pool. The water getting warmer .In some spots it feels like there are thermal springs. No matter, just don't swallow.

Cannot leave out grandma Ida. She cooked more different meals than the chefs at the U.N. brownies ,muffins ,blueberry pie. Oh my.

Sunday . a short ride to Adam and Jills where activities continue ;soccer,baseball (Ben takes a line drive to the cheek and gives out the old stand by response "I want my mommie") Summer is a pro on the monkey bars, she climbed back and forth like it was nothing.

Soon the party is over. Z and Summer head for the lake with the other grandparents, doc and Ann Silk who just arrived from Prague where they were checing out old Synagogues.



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