Monday, October 29, 2007

Sports Recap

So, let's recap recent events in the world of sports:

1. The dreaded Red Sox are World Series champions. Enough said.

2. A Rod has decided to opt out of his contract. Unbelieveable. He wouldn't even agree out of respect to sit down and listen to the Yankee's offer. And for him and Boras to make the announcement DURING the World Series is literally beyond my comprehension. That announcement could not have waited until today? What was the point of that -- to totally alienate the Red Sox from future negotiations? From a PR standpoint that was a completely unnecessary move that will engender him a lot of bad will. Good freaking riddance A Rod. Sure, you're a regular season Monster but the playoffs count for something, too. And ps -- you might be more gifted, but you are no Derek Jeter.

3. Yanks pick Joe Girardi over Mattingly. While I think Giradi has the fiery temperment the Yankees need, I think that for the sake of continuity, Mattingly would have been the better call. I really feel for Donnie Baseball.

4. Ohio State is number one. Michigan is on a tear of late, and I think we are getting set of a Battle of the Unbeatens in the Big Ten. Not to sound pessimistic but based on recent history, I'm not entirely compfortable with this notion.

5. Patriots are 8-0 and looking like a juggernaut; maybe the most potent offense in the history of the game. Conversely the Jets are 1-7 and look completely lost.

6. The Celtic have Garnett, Pierce and Allen as a nucleus. The Knicks, who I have been protesting now for three years, have Isiah and the Dolan's. 'Nuff said on that topic as well.

As stated in previous posts, I'm still trying to figure out how I can have so much emotionally invested in sports. It's completely idiotic, to put it mildly. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can shake this addiction, I am all ears.......

(Ps. There is one upside to the Red Sox championship; it's nice to see two fellow cancer survivors -- Mike Lowell and Jon Lester -- play such a prominent role in their victory. I wish the media would play up this angle just a bit more)

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