Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hanging in There

This family doesn't even communicate with words anymore; instead, we talk via hacks, coughs and grunts. We are the Solomon's and we're sick as hell.

It really isn't all that bad but we are indeed all sick. It's pretty funny. I think everyone else in our hallway moved away after last night; we had to have kept everyone awake with our group coughing.

I blame it all on you, Finkel. You jinxed me.

One of the ancillary benefits of my legendary ability to metabolize food, is that I am equally adept at metabolizing disease. When I do get sick, my halflife is generally much shorter than others. So when my Hawaii doctor told me to expect to feel this one for 7-10 days, I don't think he foresaw me swimming a half mile in the ocean inside of 48 hours. I actually should not be such a punk - I will probably get even more ill tonight.

This place is beautiful and I'll post more when I have more time at the computer but my favorite part thus far: the age difference between some of the gentlemen guests and their female consorts. Money evidently does indeed talk. Especially if you are from Texas. I will try to take some stealth photos; you'll die laughing.


df said...

My bad! I hope everyone feels better! Sorry!

greedo said...

Photos of everything please. West Michigan is buried under snow that must be counted in feet. We NEED hope.

best mother in law said...

Hi, Hope today will be better. If you and your family are up to it look for the Lunar Eclipse tonight. Next one will be three years from now. Enjoy the rest of the week. Nana