Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazing Story

I was going to write one of my typical nonsensical pop culture related postings tonight, but then I stumbled upon this blog, courtesy of my friends at Endurance.

All I can say is "wow": Ian's story so closely resembles mine (except for our different cancers that is) it's scary. In fact, his non-cancer related life too seems pretty similar: lives in Marin, two kids around the same age, seems kind of driven, etc. Only difference is that he seems like a hell of an athlete, while I am middle of the road at best.

His story takes me back to around two years ago when I, too, was training for Vineman, less than 90 days outside of my thyroid surgery and the day before I started all my pre-radiation protocols. I did beyond minimal training and really was not certain I'd be able to finish. In fact, I didn't decide to race (I use the word loosely) until literally five days before the race.

It was by far the slowest race I ever did in my life but it was also my most memorable. I have done dozens -- probably hundreds - of races faster, but there is no performance, including Ironman, of which I am more proud. I will never forget crossing that finish line.

I am sorry to pass this ignominious mantle to Ian, but based on his blog, he's worthy successor in terms fo his approach to life and his approach to cancer.

So, Godspeed. Ian. Go out there and kick some cancer and Vineman ass. You better believe I'll be rooting hard for you.


Jeff said...


The other week I volunteered as a "swim buddy" at the Naperville Women's Triathlon. We were there to swim with people and encourage them if they got nervous or started to panic. The starter would ask each wave to raise hands if someone needed a buddy and we would go with the people that raised there hands. The "survivor" wave (right after the pros) didn't have a single hand raised. I turned to one of my friends and said "These people all fought or are fighting cancer. Like they need encouragement from US to do a SWIM???? Yeah, right. Get out of their way."

Truly amazing stories (yours, his, theirs). I never wake up or walk up to a start line without being even more thankful for the opportunity.

P.S. Pretty cool that Macca went sub-8 in Frankfurt after telling this guy he would be thinking of him!

Ian said...

Our stories are way to similar--we should meet sometime. I decided to do the race about 5 weeks ago after seeing my power and strength come back. It will still be a long race as I'm not in the shape I was last year. I know I'll be looking for home in the LaCrema winery. Thanks for your thoughts and support. I look forward to swapping stories with you some day.