Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fireworks at the Tour

Pretty good weak for the old blog; first it helps resolve the Comcast issue, and then I got tracked down today by an old high school buddy who I haven't seen in more than 20 years. He's doing the Highway One ride that I "liveblogged" earlier this year and he and I plan to get together tomorrow for dinner in San Francisco. It stokes me that in addition to being a fun thing for me to do on a daily (nearly daily that is) basis, that this blog has also served to connect me with so many people from my past. It makes it all worthwhile.

Speaking of making connections I am starting to really come around on Facebook. Once the network effect takes hold which in my estimation takes around 100 friends or so, it actually becomes quite interesting. While it's not adding massive utility to my life on a day to day basis, it's definitely interesting and adds value. If any of you out there aren't on Facebook, I suggest you do so; it takes minutes to set up an account (at no cost) and I think that at minimum, you'll find it interesting. And for all of you who do have accounts -- hit me with a "friends" invite.

Fireworks at the Tour today on the legendary Alpe d' Huez station. I gather that my Tour post bore most of you to tears so I won't do my typical deep dive analysis, but it was an very , very exciting stage. Props to Sastre; he earned this win today. I am a bit perplexed by this peleton; they spend more time marketing each other and not enough attacking, but it makes for an interesting race nonetheless. I think the real strongman of the Mountains is the younger Schleck, Andy. THat dude is really killing it in the Alps. By guess is that Evans will win; he is a vastly superior time trialist and I don't think Sastre put enough time into him today. I predict an Evans win, followed by Sastre and either Menchov or the German kid Kohl, who's been a revelation -- presuming he can time trial.

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