Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hearst Castle Redux

I don't know what to say: I am borderline obsessed with this damn house. It truly is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. We opted for a different tour than last year; this one took us upstairs, where we saw multiple guest suites, Mr. Hearst's bedroom, his private study, the library and guest library, the kitchen, indoor and outdoor pool. My favorite part fo the day was when I told the tour guide (who, I might add, was also our tour guide last year) that I was surprised how modest his bedroom was, given the expanse of the rest of the room. He said to me "yes, it's modest, but in rather good taste. See that picture over there? It's worth in excess of $40 million dollars." See bad picture, attached. Being a year older, the kids were into this and were very good.I bought "The Chief," the definitive autobiography of William Randolph Hearst, and look forward to reading it. It's pretty dense and I expect I will be finished around this time next year.

After visiting the castle, we went to see the Elephant Lions. I accidently slipped while taking pictures with the kids and slied my finger pretty badly on the ground. If I was closer to civilization, I would likely have gone for stitches. Instead, I sucked it up and we cruised around downtown Cambria. I really dig this place; if it was practical, and I could afford it, I'd buy a place here in a heartbeat. As is, we are considering renting for a week or so. After that, we headed to the beach: I neglected to mention that the weather here is about 67 and just about perfect, I ever managed to get a mini sunburn.

All in all a great day. Tomorrow we will head home but not before stopping in Big Sur to check out a 80 foot waterfall and take a little hike.

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