Saturday, December 20, 2008


I haven't been a big fan of Twitter: I find it kind of self indulgent, to be honest. I say this of course with all due respect to my fellow twitter-ers (tweets?).

That being said, it is interesting to follow various reporters and tech cognescenti. I am also getting a kick out of following Lance, too. Though I have had an account for the past seven months, it's been relatively dormant. Until now; figure I will give it a whirl. Part of my job responsibility is to stay on top of new technology, so that's what I will do. You can follow me at

If you use Twitter, I'd greatly appreciate if you'd follow me (even that sounded terribly self indulgent; it would be kind of sad though to be talking to myself). Maybe Senor Beno can help me figure out a way to send my "tweets" directly to these pages. That could be quasi interesting.

In other news .. well, I don't have much news to report. The holidays are upon us and work has slowed down, which is good. Family is all good and the weather was really nice today; so much so that we were able to take a nice two mile family hike and barely needed jackets.

Anyway, more later this weekend. I'm compiling my thoughts for 2008 albums of the year. Stay tuned......

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Anonymous said...

what the hell are you talking about.(sorry to end a sentence in a preposition but that,s life.)gs