Thursday, March 29, 2012

Final Four

Anyone else find this year's Final Four as singularly uninteresting - and borderline detestable - as me? I mean, egads: Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas and Ohio State?!

One obnoxious fan base after the next. I'm not sure if there's anyone to really root for in the mix. And fellow Big Ten fans: don't give me that "you have to support the Big Ten" nonsense. No I don't; most particularly when it comes to Ohio State.

I guess if I had to root for any one of those four, it would likely be Louisville. I still do like and respect Rick Pitino and they've been playing second banana for years to Kentucky, so that would be kind of cool. I guess.

But beyond that, not only do I not really care, and I'm not entirely certain I'll even watch the games.

Anyone else feel the same?

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ToddB said...

What's the final four?