Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hip

For all you paying attention to such trivial matters, the old hip is still pretty wobbly. I saw my doc on Thursday and she agreed that it's far from healed. On top of it, I think the cortisone is wearing off, which isn't helping matters. She's also pissed at me for not keeping with my physical therapy. To much to do in life, and not enough hours.

Anyway, I think I'm approaching month five of this hip thing and it is getting very, very frustrating. I've also come to the conclusion that my ultra season isn't happening this year - or if so, is going to be very limited. I asked my doc if she thought I could start training any time soon for an ultra and she just laughed.

So, the goal is will be to build strength via Crossfit, refine the swimming a bit and maybe even do a swim race or two. In regards to running, I will do what I can do. I'm kind of down with that. The pressure last year of having to constantly run was wearing a bit thin.


Michael Wiley said...

There were so many typos in this it was difficult to understand. How 'bout a little respect for us readers?

gailaj said...

Hey Howard, sorry to hear about your injury, haven't been over here for a while..but you seem to have the right attitude, use it as an opportunity to do other things. Hard to be patient, been there.