Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I am Listening To

There's a lot of great music that's been released (and not quite released!) thus far this year; more than I can get my head (and ears) around, to be honest. One of the downsides of not running that much, relatively speaking, is that I'm also not listening to nearly as much music.

A few albums that I am really enjoying include:

- the new Springsteen (though its politics are at times a bit over the top for my taste. Hard to believe that anyone who lives in Malibu is truly an everyday Joe. That schtick is wearing a bit thin).

-- the new Shins. Everything James Mercer does is excellent

-- Gotye - a new one. And speaking of James Mercer, this has a real Broken Bells-ish sound to it

-- Miike Snow. This band is like Portugal. The Man. I don't know much about them, but everything I hear from them absolutely rocks. In fact, this very well may be my favorite album of the year thus far.

- Bear in Heaven. Not sure how I'd begin to describe this. Trancey-electronica is closest I can come. But it's got a groovy, persistent beat and gets better with each listen.

This weekend I got two new albums that I'm excited about, but are too early to judge. First one is Madonna. At first listen, it seems to have some obvious hits - and also some big misses. I think old Madonna is becoming exactly that. Old. It's getting panned by the reviewers but I still look forward to giving it a fair shot. The other one that's interesting is Rocket Juice, which is the new Flea/Damon Albarn collaboration. I need to listen to this a bit more, but I love Flea and think Albarn is an absolute genius.

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