Friday, March 30, 2012

Sony Walkman

I posed a question on Facebook the other day, asking people their all-time favorite gadget/device, exclusive of their iPhone/mobile device, which I think would be overall winner. Some of the responses were pretty interesting and I had to think hard as to my own answer.

Interestingly, I arrived at a device that I haven't thought much about for quite some time; the Sony Walkman. Before Apple, Sony ruled the day and there would be no iPod without the Walkman. Without question, the Walkman was a transformative device and I think in certain respects, it's the device that kicked off the modern consumer electronics industry.

So, I stand behind that choice. My second choice would probably be the Kindle. I'm a pretty voracious reader and though I do miss the physicality of holding/reading a book, the Kindle, too marked the beginning of a new era. Third on the list would probably be the iPod, which as noted is really just a more modern interpretation of the Walkman.

I think a few years down the road, a similar conversation would likely revolve around the iPad.

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