Monday, March 5, 2012

Swimming is Dead - Long Live Swimming!

Well, one swimming season came to a conclusion this weekend in Napa Valley. And another one starts - today.

We literally spent the entire weekend in Napa - we slept in a hotel so we could join for the team dinner. Both kids swam really well. I think the Girl swam 6 best times out of 8 total races and the Little Boy swam 5 out of 7. I am proud of them both - they continue to show improvement but most of all they really dig swimming. I confess to being a little happy that the USA swim season is over. Doing two meets a month, which I think has been the norm - has been a bit.

And with the conclusion of that season, of course the new one starts - today! This is the Marin League and meets don't kick off until early May so at minimum, we get our weekend back.

For those interested, here is a video of the Little Boy swimming 100 IM. You can see how far he's come along; incredibly, he could barely swim in September. He took four seconds off his best time in this race, and an incredible 10 seconds off in his 100 free. Proud of you, Little Dude. You're a much better athlete than I give you credit for.

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Michael Wiley said...

wow. amazing. tell him that i said great job!