Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Was Wrong

This new iPad is absolutely fantastic - one of the best iterations I've ever seen n an Apple product. Everything about it is good: the screen is game changing, it's fast, and LTE is blazing fast, which is going to work really well for me when I'm on the road. Dictation works really well. In fact I'm using it to type this paragraph. It works nearly perfectly. I need to make zero edits whatsoever. At first I was reticent about this one but I feel pretty good about this decision. I was at the Apple store Saturday and Sunday getting the Little Boy's iPhone fixed and was amazed by how much product they had in the stores. Anyway, if you're on the fence or if you have an original iPad I'd suggest making the purchase. I think the iPad 2 is still fine but that said, no regrets at all on the upgrade.

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