Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well, I am home, safe and sound and feeling a tad bit better.

Yesterday's post didn't prove to be too popular, especially with The Wife, my mother and my mother-in-law. None sounded too crazy about the whole peeing blood thing. For the record, I wasn't too happy about it either. In fact, I might go talk to a doctor about it.

A few people called or emailed me asking why I continue to do subject myself to the pain that accompanies ultra endurance events. I really don't have a terribly good answer except to paraphrase Lance Armstrong: sometimes you need to suffer to truly feel alive. I know that sounds trite, but in my case, it is true.

I hearken back to exactly two years ago today, when I had my thyroid removed. That was obviously a life altering point in time. I take a small measure of pride in the fact that two years later I can run 31 miles and on top of that, it's something that I truly love to do.

That said, I can barely walk, so at the moment, I ain't loving it all that much.

On a lighter note, I packed a lot in a few short days in Chicago and Wisconsin, and it was great to see so many great friends today. I don't miss Chicago all that much (it was pouring rain and 48 degrees tdoay) but I sure do miss my friends -- as well as all of their terrific kids.

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nana said...

We are happy to hear you are home safe and sound. Go see the doctor just to make sure all is well. It might be ok now but what about 20 years from now. All that wear on the body can't be good. Nana