Monday, July 23, 2007

10 Questions

Couple of random questions I have been contemplating for some time and thought I'd throw out to the group.

10. Will Apple EVER put out a firmware upgrade for this damn iphone? For a company that develops the coolest products ever, they aren't enormously customer friendly (though in fairness to them, they are being awesome about taking back problem units -- not that I have been having any problems with mine. Knock on wood.)

9. Why is Lance the only celebrity out there who's *really* pushing to make cancer top of mind? Lance is just awesome. He was my hero before but now that we have this shared "bond" so to speak, I like him even that much more. Though he's cured, he's nver forgotten his cancer roots. I also love the challenge he's set forth to the presidential candidates. Go Lance Go.

8. Are the Harry Potter books worth it? I mean -- are they *really* entertaining for adults, or do adults just like to say as much?

7. Now that the Soprano's is over, what do you think is pound for pound, the best show on TV? Not HBO, but all of TV. My vote goes to Entourage or The Office. Maybe American Idol. And of course, there is always 24. See how hard this is?

6. Will Michigan win the Big Ten this year and finally shake the Ohio State monkey? This is the first but certainly not last time you will hear about Michigan football. Trust me: this subject will probably bore you to pieces, ala my Tour de France blogging.

5. Speaking of which, will Contador and Levi take it to Rasmussen on Wednesday and if so, will he crack? Great stage of racing today. Contador took it to him and though they finished together, Rasmussen showed signs of cracking. This race will go down as an all-time classic and Contador is my new favorite athlete.

4. Will Bonds be booed or cheered when he hits his record setting home run? I hope booed. I also hope that I catch one of his homers at the game tomorrow night. I will be sitting in the bleachers with the family and Camp Doodles campers and I might have to bring the old glove to this one.

3. Will my kids ever go one freaking hour without having some sort of massive screaming fest?

2. Will Mark Philipoussis pick a "cougar" or one of the young girls?

1. WIll my father ever again write a guest column? It's come to the point where I am fairly certain he's avoiding my calls. Dust off the pen, old man...........


Crazymamaof6 said...

being a self professed Harry Potter nerd, i have to say yes they are an entertaining read. J.K Rowling has truly gotten better and better with each book, her writing style has developed immensely over the past 7 books and this last one is by far the best! she really does the series justice , and deserves the huge following she has, with adults and kids alike! I totally thought reading it was a great use if my time! and I loved it! she tied up the story well and I was satisfied with the outcome.

greedo said...

HP is totally worth it. I was in denial for a long-time, but succumbed and am totally grateful.

Time ran a piece comparing HP to the other great fantasy serials--The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings--and just like those, HP will definitely stand the test of time.

With the revelation of a potential security flaw, I expect a firmware update on iPhone soon.

df said...

If you like fantasy, Lord of the Rings, etc. Harry Potter is definitely worth it. I'm on book 7 and will be sad when it's over.

While you refuse to take ANY of my FX TV recos, a lot of good press for "Damages" starting tonight. Glenn Close, Ted Danson.

BTW - Entourage has been pretty lackluster this year.

Crazymamaof6 said...

on #3 just be glad you aren't the one home with them all day! summer time sucks! at least in AZ where I can't just send them outside like i can in the winter! so they fight and scream all day long! good times!when does school start?

ToddB said...

Great article in the NY Times today on the doping scandal in the tour

I love the fact that a group of tour riders protested with a delayed start to today's stage. To me, that is what pure sport is all about.

I think the whole doping thing is a major distraction from the tour. I watch these amazing displays of athleticism and am left asking myself "was it real or not?". They need to determine how to completely eliminate it or just allow it and call it part of the sport.