Thursday, July 5, 2007

We Are Alive

In the event anyone is concerned, the running idiots returneth safeth.

Of course, after three beautiful weeks of near perfect weather, a fairly decent storm blew in this evening. Hence, we moved the timetable from our planned time of midnight to a more reasonable hour of 9:45. Note that it was just as dark as it would have been at midnight.

It was just brutual when we hit the trail; howling winds and massive fog. But once we got over the first ridge things cleared a bit. Until we got to the next ridge that is and then the wind/fog started uop again. That's the one aspect of Northern California that never ceases to amaze mel; the weather is capable of changing tact dramatically within a matter of yards. You can drive from Chicago to St. Louis and essentially have the same weather pattern but I can drive from my house to the Golden Gate bridge and experience three different microclimates.

Anyway, the weather was gnarly but we made it for an hour and then we came home and drank scotch (which I am enjoying presently). I must say; an awesome and memorable time; two good friends and running buddies hitting the trails after dark.

Sounds a little brokeback doesn't it?

Anyway, more tomorrow. We have another cool adventure planned for Saturday and for this one I promise a pictorial.

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