Friday, July 6, 2007

Home Alone and the Unboxed iPhone Makes Its Debut

So .. April leaves in one hour (the redeye) for Florida to visit her sister. For four days. Leaving yours truly alone with the kids. With one kid who just got five shots (the girl) and is utterly miserable.

Things are about to get interesting at the Solomon's, folks.

Anyone want to take a flyer on precisely how many things I screw up? I might have to live blog the entire experience.

After our epic run last night Payro and I drank copious amounts of scotch and unboxed the iPhone -- finally! Now, I am still not certain if I am going to keep it - I have one week to decide -- but I have to say that it is utterly amazing. I am a big product guy as many of you know, but this one is *really* special. There is no question: Apple nailed it. The hardware is perfect, the UI is incredible and for the most part the software is pretty springy, though I would say that it (the software) is still in beta mode. The good news though is that software issues can be dealth with via upgrades and I very much anticipate seeing what Apple introduces in the next few week in terms of firmware.

I've done a ton of research the past week or so and I think this thing is safe to buy (by that I mean we won't be entirely hosed when Apple comes out with version 2.0). The only element that disappoints thus far is the Internet component; specifically, the network (the safari browser is amazing). AT&T's EDGE network is maddeningly slow, but I add the caveat that my work phone is 3g enabled and sets a pretty high bar. I do not think Apple can introduce a 3G version for at least eight months. If they do it sooner, I will most certainly vomit.

The thing that has pleasantly surprised me the most is the keyboard. It is *much* more functional than I thought possible. If they license ActiveSynch, which I am praying happens soon, this thing will be a killer business device. That being said, I do not think the good folks at RIM need to be staying up at night. Peole are not going to be giving up their Blackberry's any time soon.

I'd write more but have to run - gotta get a crash course lesson in how to dispense aspirin/tyleno to a five year old.

More later.


Crazymamaof6 said...

congrats on the iphone opening! and good luck with the kiddos! can't wait to hear how it goes!

Laurie said...

hey howard-hope its a fun weekend...perhaps you should have saved the title of your 7/4 post for tomorrow, eh?

Laurie said...

whoops-make that july 5

michael said...

i think this is a pretty good indication that the folks at RIM aren't losing any sleep...