Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mom Who?

Check out the picture I found of the iPhone unboxing. Note the rather large glass of scotch in front of Payro. BTW, I remain very impressed with ye olde iPhone. This is once of the rare instances where a product very much lives up to its hype. Enough of that. I suspect you are all iPhone'd out by now.

Following is a run down of activities that the Solomon 3 have done since their mother so callously abandoned ship for Florida:

-- bought two SpongeBob movies and had our own Film Festival, complete with (burnt) popcorn
-- went to our favorite taco joint and followed it up with ice cream and a monster bellyache (that would be me; the kids were fine)
-- went to two parks and had a kick ball tournament (I won)
-- had a sleepover party
-- breakfast at the Dipsea
-- the coup de grace: Z and I went to All-Star activities at AT&T Park in SF. Unfortunately for the little man, I gave away my tickets to the Home Run Derby and the actual Tuesday game to clients, but he enjoyed today's experience (US vs. World Game and Celebrity Softball Tournament) all the same. Nothing like dad and son at the ballpark.
-- Tonight is chinese food ('cause that's what we Jews do on Sunday nights) and maybe another sleep over.

Tomorrow, is likely more of the same and then the Boss (Wo)Man comes home and house rules return in full effect.

One quick question: anyone happen to know the name of a good local maid service that can get here before 2:00 Tuesday?
Just kidding wife -- kind of.

(Joking aside -- anyone have any tips on how to run a dishwasher or washer/dryer?)


Crazymamaof6 said...

fun agenda, and cool pics! and ask the kids on how to turn the washer/drier and dishwasher on, they might surprise you. and you do have two days to figure out how to clean and get it done before she gets back! oh and buy her some roses or her favorite flowers to let her know you missed her. but the flowers won't score you points unless they are in a vase inside, a clean house.

Mark D. said...

before you throw away the ipod box, you might want to read this. it just appeared a few minutes ago on msnbc. apple may be introducing a new nano-based iphone for under $300 by Q4...

–mark d.

Mark D. said...

er..i meant iphone box...